Building Digital Trust Through Consumer Surveillance Analytics

Imagine having the power to see and understand every move your online presence makes. That's exactly what our next-generation online tracker monitoring service offers.

At Cyndelos, we leverage AI for the automation of website vulnerability management. We scan, risk stratify, look at the privacy policy and use AI to help maintain compliance for our customers.

Continuously monitor for new trackers within your website ecosystem to prevent data leaks and breaches.

Grow with confidence in your use of trackers and cookies--all at your fingertips while navigating the next-generation data protection landscape.

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Automated Scans

Cyndelos provides automated scans to identify the trackers on your website and we remember to check your website on your behalf with automated real-time scanning.

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Dashboard Reports

Cyndelos provides complete dashboards to give you a total view into the status of your trackers and the risk associated with them.

Risk Ranked Findings

Cyndelos risk ranks the finding and provides alerts to draw your attention to the findings with the highest risk.

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